ARES Flood of '97 Station in Morris, Manitoba

This is the ARES station Gord Snarr, VE4GLS and myself (Paula Ehn, VE4MHZ) set up and ran from the second story of the Driftwood Inn usually known as the Morris General Hospital. As you can see we were assigned the nursery. We were running on the Elm Creek repeater, VE4SJA, at a frequency of 145.150 MHz with negative offset as well as 3.743 MHz. 7th day of operation.

Antenna array left to right. Hospital antenna on top of tower with 80m diapole making an inverted V from it. RCMP backbone and local RCMP repeater (RCMP station on east side of hospital). Our vertical dual band (2m/70cm) antenna on a tripod. Onw of the escape ladders shown. 7th day of operation.

The next 2 pictures show the bridge over the Red River on Highway 23 East of Morris. In these pictures the water is still going up but it never closed this bridge. You can see the water lapping over the highway in the first picture and also note the high current flowing off the fields and under the bridge. Water is within 1 foot of peak. 9th day of operation.

This is the railway crossing over highway 23 west of Morris and the picture is taken from the top of the Morris dike. In the background you can see hog barns that have been taken by the Red Sea. 10th day of operation.

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Last updated January 12, 2017