ARES Flood of '97 Station in Morris, Manitoba

On day 14 of operation, the peak had come and the water was on its way down so worst threat to the town was over. Gord's old farm truck, Paula and her old car as we registered at the town hall that we were leaving town.

These next 2 picutes are of the bridge over the Marsh River on Highway 23 east of Morris as we make our way back to Winnipeg after our services were no longer neccessary. We had to drive through 6 inches of water in strong current going over this bridge. Either end of this bridge was anchored with a pile of asphalt and the cement k-rails added weight to the bridge to keep it from washing out and also to cut down some of the current going over the bridge. So yes, Paula was fording water long before she even owned a 4x4!

Last updated January 12, 2017